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Metalcostruzioni Srl, present in the Ship Building Industry with higly
qualified staff, it's able to carry out, on ships, oil pressure & hydraulic installation, all types of metal structural work, Services & Refit on boats, Main Engines & Generator installation.
After 40 years of Knowhow, in 2006 Metalcostruzioni Srl established a brand new commercial division able to supply hydraulic and oil pressure components either in carbon steel than stainless steel, low- medium -high pressure flexible hoses, hydraulic brass fittings, cupronickel welded hoses and fittings, cupronickel pressfitting system, stainless steel pressfitting system, pvc hoses fittings and valves, brass ball valves & Hardware.
Near the new industrial estate Viareggio- Bicchio, you can find our 1000 square metres main warehouse.
Since 2007 a new warehouse was opened so as to offer to our customers a better assistance close to the Viareggio's Sea Port and in the centre of main Viareggio's shipyards area.
Both warehouses are able to supply crimped and tested flexible hoses, all the hydraulic and oil pressure equipment, offering an high quality customer service


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